As the 2018-2019 Leadership Hoover Class moves closer to graduation, it is time to begin the nomination process for the 2019-2020 class.  We are inviting current class members, alumni in good standing and Leadership Hoover Board Members to help curate the next group of Leaders by nominating up to two prospective candidates for consideration.  This year, individuals must be nominated by a 500-word or less submission that should include why the individual should be considered and what he/she would bring to the class.  We have prepared this simple online nomination form that must be completed for each of your candidates.  Prior to nominating a candidate, please make sure they are aware of the cost and the time commitment.  Please contact Lori Leonard for additional information.

Leadership Hoover shall be comprised of individuals who meet the following:
1) Demonstrate leadership through their current professional positions.
2) Exhibit a diversity of educational backgrounds.
3) Hold positions of leadership in the community (philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, professional associations/organizations, etc.)
4) Represent a broad cross-section of business and professional disciplines.
5) Reflect the diversity of the Hoover community.
6) Demonstrate a commitment to full participation and successful completion of the program.
7) Exhibit the capacity to collaborate effectively with others.
8) Represent unique perspectives that enrich one another’s experiences in the program.

Nominations close on Thursday, April 18.

Leadership Hoover
2020 Valleydale Road, #207, Hoover, AL 35244